Sea view

4 Bedrooms

2 Floors


garden seating throughout the spacious gardens

modern and antique furnishing

private separate Pasha room with its own entrance

Sitting areas


wi-fi (free of charge)

LEMURIA MANOR is centrally located in the very heart of Rhodes, just a few steps away from Alter Ego, a great restaurant and nightclub that serves some of the best sushi on the island, and steps away from a hustling and bustling shopping area in one of the largest squares of the ancient town. You can easily spend days wandering around the maze of ancient alleys, looking for hidden magic in every undiscovered corner, hints of a hidden history waiting to be found. Many of the winding streets lead to unique shops you could miss if you stick only to the main streets. There are restaurants, food markets, and bakeries with their own special Rhodian flare, waiting to be discovered. Lemuria Manor is right in the heart of all of this, but it is enclosed in a gated courtyard that gives its guests complete privacy and peaceful bliss. The energy of the walled city waits outside Lemuria Manor’s door, but inside, there is a private Eden, a walled garden that keeps out all the noise and movements of the energetic ancient town. There are no cars allowed in the Old Town, to protect the integrity of the ancient place and to permit free pedestrian movement. Don’t fret if you have plenty of luggage: special licenses allow us to use our electric vehicle to transport you and your belongings to and from the manor on your arrival and departure dates. Our guests are met by a Wine Dark Sea representative at the entrance gate of the town and escorted to the manor. This villa is actually part of the ancient history of the Ancient walled town of Rhodes. Step into a time machine and experience a Medieval Knights adventure. LEMURIA MANOR isn’t just centrally located for city exploration it is easy to access all of Rhodes’ beautiful sights: besides residing within one of the most beautiful and unique walled cities of the world, the manor is close to some of Rhodes’ (and Greece’s) most beautiful beaches. If visitors choose to rent a car to explore the island outside of the Old City’s walls, a mere 15 minutes’ drive brings explorers to the gorgeous Kalythea Beach. Those who are chasing the balance between a day in the sun and a day learning new facets of history should take a 45 minute drive to the world famous Lindos Beach and the Lindos Acropolis. Lindos is one of Greece’s most beautiful archeological sites, mixing Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval structures in one place. The views from the town are stupendous, and the beaches that adjoin it are some of the most gorgeous in the world. The town of Lindos looks the part of the quintessential Greek town, complete with white washed homes and shops that give Santorini a run for its money. All these sites are within an hour drive of LEMURIA MANOR. The possibilities are endless, as Rhodes can offer you the perfect blend of history and luxury, a day at the beach coupled with a day at the museum. You can explore the island’s vast sights or relax inside the ancient walled city. You can stroll down ancient cobblestoned paths and explore or go down to the ancient port and charter one of many available boat tours around the island and its beautiful, sun kissed beaches. Explore the street of the Templars and see the Knights Hoteliers’ headquarters, or visit Anthony Quinn Beach and enjoy a a sun kissed day on the water.
The restored villa from the days of the knights Templar, is surrounded by walled, lovely, peaceful gardens which will transport the visitor to another place in time. The garden is a collection of fragrant flowers and fruit trees which will leave you imagining what life was like for the leaders of ancient Rhodes. The garden gates open into the most incredible ancient walled city you’ll ever see. stepping outside the walls of this glorious villa will transform you to the world depicted in Game of Thrones, but this is for real.
Lemuria Manor is split into two buildings, a guest suite and the main building. While they are connected from the outside by balcony, they do not connect through the interior. The building closest to the main entrance is the guest suite, with three floors. The first floor is a spacious living area, comfortably furnished, and next to it is a bathroom complete with a shower. The second level has a comfortable sleeper bed, a single, which can also be used as a living space. The third floor has the bedroom with double beds, with a lovely view directly overlooking the gardens of the manor, and a door that, should visitors wish, allows them to cross directly over to one of the bedrooms in the main house without having to exit the guest suite first. The guest suite is elegantly furnished to our guests’ maximum comfort and has free wi-fi access.
The outdoor accommodations are: Two Verandas Three outdoor seating areas, two dining areas and one lounge area Lovely enclosed gardens Wall surrounding property to ensure privacy and noise cancellation